Brief Introduction to Pushkin Russian Center


Pushkin Russian Center was established in May, 2010 as a cooperative project between Shenyang Ligong University and Tomsk State University, and in October of the same year, Pushkin Russian Center was approved as a national level Russian center by the Ministry of Education. Pushkin Russian Center aims to provide the opportunity for the people who are interested in the Russian language and culture, and tries to improve the understanding and cooperation between the two countries and people, to provide better service for the two universities.


Pushkin Russian Center is in the charge of an administrative committee formed by members from both China and Russia, in which two directors in charge are appointed respectively from China and Russia. The center now has 3 teachers from both China and Russia.

The center devotes itself to provide a wide range of Russian language training and cultural exchanges programs for the people: the students and teachers in Shenyang Ligong University, people interested in Russian out of the campus, people prepared to study in Russia. The center provides a platform for the Russian teachers from both countries in language teaching and researching, and organizes lectures and cultural activities for those who are interested in Russian.


The courses in Pushkin Russian Center are taught by the teachers from Russia, which mainly focus on the training of practical language skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing. The teaching is carried out in small groups, in the form of elementary classes and advanced classes according to the language levels and the willingness of the students. The language courses are a kind of non-diplomat training, so those who have attended the class for more than one year will be awarded the certificate of the language center.