Brief Introduction to School of International Education


School of International Education at Shenyang Ligong University (SLU) is a specialized institute offering teaching of Chinese as a foreign language. Until now, the school has enrolled and trained more than 3000 students from more than 20 countries and regions such as Russia, USA, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, etc.

Considering the background of need for talents in different cooperation fields between China and Russia in recent years and the university's long-term Sino-Russia cooperative achievements, the school created a Chinese Language and Literature undergraduate program specifically for foreign students with features of economy and trade. The school had trained a large number of compound talents who possess diverse communicating skills in Chinese and are proficient in business knowledge.

In addition to Chinese Language courses for undergraduate program, the school offers non-degree Chinese Language refresher courses, and vocational short-term intensive Chinese courses. There are various courses available for learners at different language levels. The School offers excellent students scholarship according to the studentsí» academic achievement.

Learning environment in the school is superior, equipped with advanced language labs, audio-visual rooms, multimedia classrooms, activity rooms and reading rooms. The school provides hotel-style student accommodation with perfect in-room facilities, and a separate cafeteria. The School organizes regular visits to surrounding areas, sports competitions and other recreational activities during studentsí» free time. The school also organizes language practice activities and travel for education of the students, to promote students communication with Chinese people and let them get a better understanding of Chinese culture and Chinese society.

The university puts a high value on international education and academic exchanges, the university has authorized to offer scholarship to international students by the Chinese Government Scholarship and the Headquarters of Confucius Institute.

The school acts on behalf of SLU in relation to admission, management and academic arrangement of Chinese Government Scholarship students and Confucius Institute Scholarship students, to design and conduct different types of projects in China authorized by the Headquarters of Confucius Institute.