Introduction to International Exchange and Cooperation


The international exchange and cooperation of Shenyang Ligong University is conducted by adhering to the requirement of ¡°Opening up to prosper the University¡±, one of the three strategies carried out in the twelfth five-year development plan and by focusing on building key disciplines, training talents and doing scientific researches. The University actively introduces foreign intelligence and develops a variety of international exchanges and cooperation programs.

Currently, the University has established friendly cooperative relations and developed comprehensively practical activities with 66 universities, research institutes and enterprises in different countries. In order to introduce and make full use of foreign high-quality educational resources, the university has signed agreements with universities from such countries as England, America, Canada and Russia to undertake ¡°2+2¡±, ¡°2+1+1¡± joint degree programs and ¡°4+1¡± master degree programs. These programs, such as the ones with Russian Tomsk State University, Russian Tomsk Polytechnic University, University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Winnipeg have been successfully conducted and achieved fruitful results.

Through the extensive exchanges and cooperation with the overseas universities, a group of teachers and students have been sent abroad for further study. In order to better understand the latest developments in science and technology, many famous experts and scholars have been invited from abroad to give lectures, undertake academic exchanges and research collaborations. In order to speed up the building of key labs, the University has established a long-standing cooperation relationship with the scientific research institutes in Siberia, Russia. For example, four co-work labs with advanced technology equipment have been set up with 9 Russian and white Russian research institutes. These labs with high-tech laboratory equipment play an important role in achieving high quality teaching and scientific research results. Meanwhile, various introductions of foreign engineering projects offer the support of foreign intelligence and the guarantee of talents for the building of the university¡¯s key disciplines and rejuvenating the old northeastern industrial base. The university also attaches an importance to foreign language teaching with about 10 foreign teachers being appointed each year. In order to create a multicultural atmosphere on campus, more than three hundred overseas students study in the university each year. And over one hundred students go abroad to study each year, too. In 2008, the university set up a Confucius Institute with Tomsk State University, which further opened up the new areas of cooperation. Pushkin Russian Language Center set up in 2010 with Tomsk State University has been approved by China Ministry of Education as a state-level Russian Center.

As a window, the International Cooperation Office will extensively carry out international exchanges and cooperation, promote the process of the university¡¯s internationalization in the hope of building Shenyang Ligong University into a domestic well-known, provincial first-class teaching and academic research university.